Embarrassing 21sts, a clean energy break-up and Uber’s ‘almost’ campaign

From inappropriate dress-ups to the furor around AI, the IMPACT team sat down to discuss a diverse range of topics this week.  

We were surprised to hear about visionary $35 billion clean energy export project, Sun Cable, collapsing into voluntary administration last week, due to disagreements between Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest and Mike Cannon-Brookes. We may see a project revival, with Cannon-Brookes confirming his interest in submitting a bid to administrators.

Yet another leader has been haunted by ghosts of parties’ past, with NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet’s Nazi dress-up dominating the headlines. While some have expressed anger and offence, others believe Perrottet should not be condemned for making a mistake as a young man. Whichever camp you’re in, the pre-election timing is problematic, as is the fact that the leak appears to be an inside job.

Joining the growing conversation around women’s menstruation and its deep health impacts, Bayer recently launched a survey of Australian women aged 18-60. The survey found that for 32 per cent of women, menstruation bears a “heavy load” on their lives. Overall, brands like Bayer and absorbent-apparel brand Modibodi are crucially cracking open a subject that is still considered by many to be taboo.  

In other news, Uber Eats has launched the “Get Almost Anything” campaign, featuring several household names including Kris and Kendall Jenner, Shannon Noll and Mark Philippoussis. The company’s expansion is showing no sign of slowing, and their swag of celebrities combined with clever messaging continues to be a hit with consumers.

Switching gear, we considered how technology has impacted different industries, specifically about how AI has greatly changed the content landscape. The media has been in a tailspin over ChatGPT, with experts divided over the value of AI for written content – and what it means for the future of communications. For more on this subject, be sure to read our upcoming blog.

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