Crikey! ScoMo gets scalded and Murdoch goes to court

From partying pollies to social media bans and defamation cases, this week gave us plenty to chat about.

Finland’s Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, faced criticism after footage was leaked of her dancing in a nightclub. Marin has since tested negative in a drug test, which she took to put unsubstantiated rumours to rest. Let her enjoy her personal life!

Aussies were much kinder to Albo, who was filmed necking a beer at the Gang of Youths concert at the Enmore Theatre on Monday evening.

Our team was glad to see that Meta, Google and TikTok have banned Andrew Tate from their platforms for breach of community guidelines. Twitter kicked him off in 2017 for comments he made regarding the #MeToo movement.

In other social media news, Twitter will be introducing a podcast feature, while Instagram has started testing Instagram Candid – its BeReal copycat.

The Solicitor General’s advice regarding ScoMo’s secret ministerial self-appointments has been shared by our Prime Minister. While Morrison has tried to laugh off the situation, the Solicitor General stated that Morrison’s actions weren’t “consistent with the principle of responsible government”, laying the groundwork for an inquiry.

Crikey has waved the red flag at Lachlan Murdoch, and he’s run right at it. In an open letter published in The New York Times, Crikey challenged the co-chairman of News Corp to prove his allegations of defamation in court, and Murdoch filed.

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