Communications reset

In a communications quandary? Then it’s time to reset your communications 

While life and business still go on in the era of COVID-19, it’s not exactly business as usual. 

Communicating to customers, stakeholders, partners, and prospects is particularly fraught as the wrong remark, tone or timing can result in serious reputational damage. 

Organisations run the risk of their communications being seen as insensitive, unfeeling or opportunistic, while others who choose to say nothing are at equal risk of criticism for lacking direction or leadership. 

To be sure that your communications hit the right mark, it could be time for a communications reset.    

Map a new communications path 

For most organisations, COVID-19 has impacted the context in which they operate and communicate. 

Brands who fail to acknowledge or recognise how the world has changed for their customers will find that their audiences react with anger, frustration, or simply switch off.  

Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on your target audience requires a considered approach 

Think about how each audience or stakeholder group has been impacted by the sudden changes to their work, the way they communicate, socialise or interact.  

What opportunities and challenges does this represent for them and how can, or should, your organisation speak to them right now?  

For example, does your audience need the advice of a trusted friend, or would a clear authoritative voice give them more confidence in the current situation? Is now the time to be reflective or would an upbeat attitude help to drive and motivate them during these uncertain times? 

Once you’ve determined these essentials, you can turn your mind to the types of content that will be most beneficial.    

Keep content evergreen 

Content during this unusual period in our lives must be relevant, but this doesn’t have to mean loading all of your materials with COVID-19 insights or references. 

If you’re concerned about content hitting the wrong note, or are unsure of how to produce relevant content, the key is to stick with evergreen material.   

Evergreen’ simply means content that is relevant to your readers all year round, pandemic or no pandemic. 

To think evergreen, means to ask will this be relevant in a year as well as today? Will this be something someone can refer to in five years’ time? Although it may be hard to predict where we may be in five years, if you feel confident in its long-term relevancy, it’s probably something worth doing. 

Ask the experts 

If you’re still not sure about how your content will resonate with audiences, then speak to the experts. The IMPACT team have been running workshops with our clients to help them reset their communications roadmap and engage confidently with audiences in the time of COVID-19. 

Contact the team today to book your workshop. 

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