In the wake of the inquiry into Australia’s mental health services, wellbeing and mental wellness has been dominating news headlines; from the front page of Sydney Morning Herald to youth media and even industry trades.

As the lines between work and life blur, due to the 24/7 connectivity and accessibility to information, more businesses are establishing ‘workplace wellbeing’ programs to support employees who may be feeling overwhelmed, anxious or vulnerable for personal or professional reasons.

A critical element to the success of these programs is the way it’s communicated to staff. As a taboo subject for many, leaders, in partnership with their communications teams have an opportunity to break down barriers and the stigma surrounding mental health by promoting an open dialogue across the business.

Internal communications can champion these initiatives and communicate encourage openness, build resilience and create a positive working environment.

Some ways to communicate your workplace wellbeing program:

  • Podcasts: Using wellbeing experts or the HR team themselves, podcasts are an easy and un-intrusive way to communicate supportive, helpful and factual advice or information to employees
  • Newsletters: Communicate the organisation’s commitment to workplace wellbeing through a series of real-life examples or employee participation initiatives
  • Partnerships: Showcase commitment to outcomes by partnering with local mental health programs or fundraising for local initiatives

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