‘Coming to you live from… everywhere!’

We are all familiar with the frustrating concept of live streaming, where you used to have enough time to make a sandwich and a cup of tea while it buffered; only to play with the audio and video out of sync. However, times have changed and there are apps revolutionising the experience. Periscope and Meerkat are two that are quickly becoming the new PR wonder tools!

Developments to mobile device technology including HD recording and 4G/wifi functionality offer an improved digital streaming experience. This allows organisations the opportunity to publish a feed to a live stream in an innovative move to reach audiences, who are thirsty for content. In fact, OOYALA’s Global Video Index revealed that the time spent watching video on mobile devices has increased a staggering 367% over the last two years!

Interested? Here’s what your organisation needs to know about live streaming:

  1. No more limits:Live streaming allows organisations to open events up to customers and consumers who would otherwise be unable to attend. Digitally live streamed presentations,product launches or demonstrations, executive interviews or events allow organisations to bring audiences right into their boardroom, showroom or function like never before.

Live streaming via an app like Periscope or Meerkat also allows your audience more flexibility as they don’t have to be at their desktop to view. Live streams can be watched via smart TVs, tablets or smartphones.

  1. Put a face to the brand:It might seem simple, but people like buying, or receiving services, from real people. Live streaming events or interactions allow your target audience to put a face to the brand.
  2. Engage and interact:Through the app, Twitter or other chat enabled streams, your audience can interact with your brand inreal time via comments or even live Q&As.
  3. Get more from your content:Content can be recorded, repurposed and re-shared to ensure your organisation gets the most out of every live stream.
  4. Measure:Streaming service analytics will allow your organisation to measure viewship, video shares and social media mentions in real time.

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By Victoria O’Neill

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