Cemintel leads on quality and safety

Cemintel leads on quality and safety

9 clips reached a targeted audience of architects, builders & specifiers

100% of coverage positioned Cemintel as a leader on safety and innovation 

75% of coverage included 2 + key messages

Following the devastating 2017 Grenfell Tower fire in the UK, the safety of building cladding in Australia was put under the microscope via several state-led inquiries.

Having always gone above and beyond building safety standards, Cemintel committed to leading the way on new cladding standards in Australia.

Cemintel’s Territory range was the first fibre cement facade system in Australia to achieve the AS5113 EW classification.

IMPACT developed a campaign to assure architects, designers, builders and homeowners that they can select all Cemintel solutions with confidence; highlighting that the addition of the AS5113 EW classification to the CodeMark certification for the Territory range now provides extra peace of mind.     



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