18 years ago it was pretty easy to set up a PR business. I was young, had no fear (and had no children to feed), and the path to creating a successful and effective agency seemed pretty straightforward. Fast forward 18 years and the PR world is a more complex place.

The media world has contracted and exploded at the same time. People have the control to switch on and off at any time, consume multiple channels at once, and are blocking, switching, avoiding and fast-forwarding.

A lot has happened at IMPACT over the past 18 years too:

  • Selected as the Australian and New Zealand representative for international network ECCO International Communications; our Group Account Director Victoria is off to Amsterdam next month for the network’s global conference
  • Purchased a PR agency
  • Won over 30 awards both locally and internationally
  • Set up one of Australia’s first onsite workplace crèches to support return to work mums
  • Stopped using the fax machine and sending cheques to the landlord!

It’s now time to open a new chapter in the life of IMPACT and re-launch as The IMPACT Agency.

While our background is in PR, and we’re extremely proud of that fact, we saw an opportunity to zig where everybody else is zagging.

In a world where companies are losing connection with the people who drive their brands forward, our competitors are all forgetting one crucial factor – consumers are people first.

Our new agency puts people first:

We believe in the power of deep human insight. You must go beyond knowing your customer, to truly understand them; their behaviours, influences and social environment. We uncover the true problem to solve and the opportunity for brands to make an impact in their lives.

We believe in creating moments. There have never been more channels for brands to reach customers. But people don’t live in channels, they live in the real world. Moment to moment, swipe to swipe. To make an impact you must design and overlay powerful moments of connection at the right time, in the right place.

We believe in thinking & making. Speed and agility are key today. We think and make in real time; creating, curating and continually evolving the story. Measuring, learning and redesigning. We design the right message, for the right moment, for the right media.

But most of all, we believe in making a real IMPACT on your customers, your staff and importantly, your bottom line.

The IMPACT Agency brings together the best of multiple disciplines to create unique hybrid agency that will support your brand to make a big IMPACT in a complex landscape.

We will be launching a series of #IMPACTInsights events, kicking off with our first event on Behavioural Science at the end of October – stay tuned for more details.

If you want to learn more The IMPACT Agency, don’t hesitate to contact me on +61 2 9519 5411 or nicole@impactagency.com.au.