Be comms ready for FY25 with an EOFY workshop

Written by IMPACT founder and CEO, Nicole Webb

And just like that, it’s June! As the cooler months signal frostier mornings, they also herald the end of the financial year and the opportunity to ensure your comms are ready for FY25! 

In this cost-of-living crisis, IMPACT is offering a 10 per cent discount on three of its core communications workshops to ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running come 1 July. 

Book before 30 June 2024 to claim your discount by contacting Nicole Webb at 

Strategic Narrative Workshop 

With the ever-changing business landscape, cost of living pressures and evolving customer values, develop key messages to achieve maximum cut-through with IMPACT’s strategic narrative model.  

It starts with a deep dive into the challenges currently facing your business from a communications perspective and a review of audience drivers and barriers. We’ll re-align your messages with core objectives, reinforced with behavioural principles set by our consulting psychologist, Kris White 

You’ll receive a strategic narrative report with audience behavioural considerations, as well as suggested content pillars and tactics to bring your messages to life.   

Audience Profiles 

At IMPACT, our starting point always lies with understanding the needs of the people we need to connect with. This is because we know that human decision-making is inherently irrational and subject to a range of biases. 

Our audience profiles provide the DNA of your targets, their desires, needs and attitudes.  

We start with our ‘knowns workshop’ to explore what you already understand about your audience and validate these insights with rich data and contextual research. 

IMPACT partner and behavioural psychology consultant, Kris White, will determine the biases and barriers underpinning your audience’s mindset to nudge behaviour and drive action. 

The profiles, alongside data analysis, will ensure your messaging achieves cut-through with current and future customers, whether it be through a PR campaign, external marketing initiatives, or internal communications. 

Influencer Category Benchmark 

Content creators are a leading channel for brands and organisations alike. If you’re already working in influencer marketing or considering dipping your toe into this space in FY25, IMPACT’s category benchmark is the best place to start.  

Our offer includes a bespoke audit that analyses how the key players within your sector leverage the power of influencers.  

We’ll examine competitor activity within this channel, including campaign messaging, post engagement, website traffic, and evaluate where it sits in the sales funnel.  

Our findings will include vital insights into your category, as well as recommendations on how you can best leverage influencer marketing to meet your brand’s communications objectives.  

To learn more about IMPACT’s strategic narrative workshops, audience profiles, or influencer support, contact Nicole Webb at 

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