Getting the Australian Scholarship Group back on the nation’s education agenda

Getting Aussies to sign-up to Zuper – a disruptive start-up superannuation fund
August 31, 2017


  • Australian Scholarship Group (ASG) supports parents in planning for the cost of their children’s education
  • In collaboration with Monash University, ASG surveyed 1,902 parents on the state of education in Australia
  • Research findings were compiled into the ‘Parents Report Card’


  • Leveraged back to school timing
  • Rolling embargo approach maximised reach and ensured coverage appeared simultaneously across Australia
  • Series of targeted pitches drew out appropriate angles for top tier media


  • 94 per cent of coverage appeared on Tuesday 6 October, the day of release and the first day of back to school in term 4
  • 95 per cent of coverage contained two or more campaign key messages
  • The campaign generated 893+ clips including ABC News Breakfast, Ten Eyewitness News, 3AW,, The Australian